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The franchisee initially purchased motorcycles as delivery vehicles but was forced to switch to small trucks due to the strong wind!


Quito, a city of one million people located 8,300 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains, has the highest elevation in Latin America delivering Domino's.



The first Domino’s in San Pedro Sula opened in 1987. Suyapa Amaya owned a store here and was the first female franchisee for Domino’s International.


The first store, opened in Reykjavik in 1993, set an opening week world record selling more than 5,000 pizzas during the first week. Domino's Master Franchisees Gunnar Gudjonsson and Birgir Bieltvedt were recognized with the Most Pies in the Franchise Award for three of their highly successful Reykjavik stores. Even currently, Iceland has had at least one of their 13 stores on Domino’s top 10 list in the last four years.


Domino's has respected the Hindu reverence for the cow by omitting pepperoni, the beef based topping and replacing it with spicy chicken sausage.


The first Domino's store in Jamaica sold 6,000 pizzas in its first 16 days. The favored island topping is pineapple.


When we opened our first store in 1985, there was not a word in the Japanese language for pepperoni. Now pepperoni is one of the country's most embraced toppings. Buildings are not numbered sequentially but numbered in the order buildings were built. This makes for interesting delivery and training of our drivers.


Delivery scooters in the Netherlands are not allowed on the roads, they use designated bike routes, which are often quicker than travel on the roadways.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia (Middle East)

Stores must work around four prayer times a day, each lasting for 12 – 45 minutes. During prayer times, all businesses close.

Virgin Islands

Drivers use landmarks for addresses because streets are not named in the Virgin Islands.